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  December is the hardest month of the year to eat healthy and stay away from alcohol, drugs and doing stuff we regret that cause us to get sick, feel shame and be a lot more broke than we were before we went on some kind of a binge. If booze isn't your deal but you are overindulging in food, drugs, sex or something else, this is for you!
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We all need tools and we get them from those who have been there. Let us help you become all that God intends you to be.
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Every one of our speakers have an inspirational story to share on what is under the compulsion to use and how to stop.
Inspirational Speakers
No Better Time Than Now
If you have been putting off stopping the drinking or other bad habits, now is the time. You only have to do 1 day at a time! 
I started with one drink to relax and before I knew I was drinking more and more.
Something was telling me it might have been too much but I didn't know what to do next... but I do now, and I want to share it with you as do all my speakers at this summit! You don't have to do this alone and you don't have to do it all at once. I no longer struggle with alcohol but many of us switch addictions my challenge is food so  I am going to work to kick the sugar habit AGAIN. One day at a time. For 7 Days. Let's do this! 
LISTEN TO INSPIRING SPEAKERS and get motivated to make the change to sobriety and healthy living
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Rob Lohman, Interventionist, Life Coach and Best Selling Author has written 2 books in 2022 and will tell you how sobriety can lead you to greatness. Get connected HERE
Linda Larson Schlitz Counselor,  Speaker, Author & Life Coach will share her 26 years of sobriety while she co-facilitates these speakers and teaches this master series to get you through the holidays sober. Get connected  HERE
Julia Pero, Godpreneur & Certified Holistic Health & Transformation Coach Author and Speaker-  Single mom with 8 Years clean and sober and moving toward greatness. Find her  HERE
Sarah Alaimo, Happiness Coach and Author, Sarah will update us on her progress from last years challenge and will inspire you to get sober and stay happy!  Get her books  HERE

Castanita Fitzpatrick
Sexual abuse started at age 5, drugs, alcohol and trafficking brought her to writing her book 31 Years in the Desert- She now has a degree and is working with those in recovery  Get her Book HERE
 Mary Sheckles Jones was brought out of drug addiction into the light of the gospel and has written 2 books on recovery through discipleship. Find her
Laura Sliwicki,  Recovering alcoholic/addict who has become a substance abuse counselor since taking Linda's Course in 2021. Here are her updates from last year. HERE
Valerie Galloway is the author of "Kill Steal and Destroy- a Spiritual Guide to Overcoming Addiction" Her inspiring story and free gift will change your life.  Find her HERE
Jason Breitenfeld, author of  the dangers of drinking and driving is still recovering from a horrendous accident. He will share the solutions to prevention!  Find his book HERE
Dr. David McIntyre is a real inspiration in his community as he openly shares his alcohol recovery journey .He specializes in brainspotting &  mindfulness   HERE
Professional singer, songwriter, coach and author of "Confessions of the Broken", Heidi shares her recovery as a child growing up with an alcoholic parent.  Click HERE  for her Rock Chick Playlist
Heidi Le
Rob Lohman
Professional Interventionist, Author and Life Coach Rob Lohman shares his powerful story of alcohol, drug addiction, prison and hope.
Linda Larson Schlitz
LINDA IS YOUR DAILY HOST  and shares her 45 year sobriety journey as she interviews each speaker. She's a Professional Counselor, best selling author and Life Coach.  


Laura is Linda's first graduate of her HOPE for Sobriety program. She is going to be an AODA counselor and will be sharing her recovery story .
Laura Sliwicki

Author of Pearls & Probation – Adventures of an Alcoholic Good Girl and The X Factor, Sarah will share her story of sobriety
Sarah Alaimo

Marriage and Family Therapist Michelle has a story of hope for those trying to cope with the trauma  and  impact alcoholism has on families.
Michelle Jean 

 Author of "How to Break the Cycle of Temptation, Addiction and Guilt: From the Inside Out" Joi will inspire you and give you hope!
Joi Ross

Multiple business owner and neuropsychology guru, Lidiane will speak to the underlying issues of addiction that need to be addressed to make lasting change.
Lidiane Lopes
Health and Life Coach Julia survived alcohol, drugs and the throes of human trafficking to help others become God's best; 
Julia Pero

When I prayed in 1976 that God would speak to me and He did. I started writing down what He said when I decided to make the changes in my life that have led me here today. 

I put them in this meditation book and I want you to get a copy of it so I have dropped the Kindle version to $.99 so you can get one for your loved ones. 
Speak to Me God I'm Listening
365 Daily Meditations for Those Who Want to Hear God Answer Life's Toughest Questions
" I used to read 3 different meditation books but now I just read your book because it has the 12 Steps, a Bible verse and your talks with God. I like Jesus Calling but yours is even better."  Joe N.,  Recovering Alcoholic
"Speak To Me God I'm Listening is amazing! It is like God is talking directly to me! " Margie
A 7 Day Challenge is great but we don't succeed making new habits in 7 days. That's why I started a 12 week course to help those who are trying to make changes for the long haul and need help! Sign up for the 7 Day Challenge and learn more about the course and how to get a free session with me. Linda

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